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Reviews. Reviews. Reviews.

I am one speechless and blessed girl! You know how terrifying it is to start something new? That fear that it may not work out as planned? The thought in the back of your head that radiates the, "what if this crashes and burns" questioning?

Well, I've surprised myself, that's for sure. When I started Wyld Wynd in 2020, I was trying to figure out a way to get my people talking, and allow the public to see what efforts it takes to manage community programs and projects. I figured What's Brewing would be a great start! Not only do I learn, but so do thousands of people who are interested in programs as a volunteer or participant (across the nation). None-the-less, I knew it was time to move forward and re-evaluate What's Brewing! and simplify the process of being a guest, what to do before and what to do after.

So I braved up a bit and started asking for reviews. Then I sat down, drank my coffee and enjoyed my humble pie.

Sometimes you just know that you are directly in the spot God lead you too.

Happy Sunday - Nicole Elizabeth

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