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How I live my life and LOVE my career!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

First and foremost, I have lived an extremely blessed life that has always provided me learning opportunities; all I really have to do is listen. Do you do that? Do you sit back, relax, breathe and really think about what life is guiding you towards? Well, if you don't, give it a try, it makes a world of difference.

As far as my journey took a couple of tries, but now, I listen. I was deep in the Fijian jungle, on horse back, with my best friend and a few locals, waterfall hunting. We ended up at the base of this monstrous root system/hill, and the horse started climbing and for a second I was really scared. The guide yells, very clearly, "find your center." This, to me, was beyond life defining and from that day forward, I found my center and I listened (closely).

Five years later, I am sitting here with these feelings and thinking to myself, again, how blessed I am. I get to wake up and do what I love every day! This picture is of two of my favorite dogs, who were trained by one of my favorite humans, Katie Parker and it is photographed by another one of my favorite humans, Salina Morroquin. How great is it that I get to work with such amazing people, daily, making this world a better place? I listened; to myself, to my children, to the silence, and to LIFE.

I say all of this to say this...I started with non-profit work and volunteering at the age of 14. By 19, I was volunteering to manage programs at a local church, and by 30 (after having 3 children and earning my MBA) running my own campaign. Since then I have advocated for children's education, workers rights with the State of California and completed numerous effective community projects. My heart is in my career, but it is also in bettering the world, providing a healthy example to the youth and LOVING every last bit of it.

Graciously, Nicole Elizabeth

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