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Creator of  Wyld Wynd

I am the creator & owner of Wyld Wynd and a mother of three beautiful humans; who have, beyond measurable amounts, taught me life's little secrets, especially how to advocate for what is right and have the greatest love for humanity. 


I first walked in protest at 14 years old and I LOVED IT. Since then, 25 years later, I have worked with and for numerous non-profit organizations all over the United States. As a matter of fact, the majority of my career growth has stemmed from volunteering and being an active participant of the community; which I am extremely proud of. Even as an employee of the State of California, I continued to focus on advocacy for workers rights; which makes me extremely resourceful and diligent when it comes to communicating and negotiating for the greater good.

Wyld Wynd is here to support you and your organization with guidance and resources while kick starting and growing your organization. We will focus on those pillars and values that move and define your organization. Let's use your passion to build that concrete foundation so you can provide your goods and services to those who need it most. Let’s fulfill that mission!

20+ Years of Advocacy

10+ Years of SUCCESSFUL Grant Writing and Program Management

5+ Years of Graphic Design

2+ Years of Website Design

Lifelong Photographer

Grant Writing + Management Certified from California State University, Fresno

MBA - Organizational Psychology; American InterContinental University

Special talents include tripping on air and writing upside-down. 

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